Corsair’s Void RGB Elite Wireless Review Software Driver

Corsair’s Void RGB Elite Wireless Very interest for hardware

Corsair is one of the brands we talk about the most on Vonguru, more than twenty times in 2019. Both because the US manufacturer has a very varied production, suitable to interest the purest hardware editors among us and consumers of more mainstream devices.

And because in all these areas his creations are of remarkable quality, and moreover often receive the best marks from us.

I was therefore delighted that I was offered to test the Void RGB Elite Wireless, their new mid-range headphones sold around 100 euros and available in two colors.

A very special proposal, as we will see, but which has seduced me to the point that I use it daily, to the detriment of my faithful and excellent Sennheiser Momentum , you will soon understand why!

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An exceptional helmet in what it can do Corsair’s Void RGB

The Void RGB Elite Wireless weighs 384 grams, so well balanced you almost forget it. However, we are regularly brought back to its existence by the fact that it is quite distended. And therefore slips a little on the ears when we move the head, whatever the adjustment of the hoops.

However, they offer ten notches to comfortably adapt to many skulls, and indeed wearing a helmet is pleasant. Perhaps precisely because the ears are not savagely compressed, that they are given the impression of breathing even when they are completely surrounded.

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A bad for a good if you will, especially as the helmet does not leave the ears, the adjustment system holding really well.

Surprised for Corsair Void RGB

You may have been surprised in the description of the equipment or the photos that you did not see any mention of a cable allowing wired listening.

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This is because the latter is simply not allowed by the Void RGB Elite Wireless, which can therefore only be used on PC and Playstation 4. Connecting the USB transmitter and turning on the headset by pressing for two seconds on the ignition button.

Easy Connection Corsair’s Void RGB

When I need a headset for my phone, I always use my Sennheiser Momentum, wired or Bluetooth, but for home use and for gaming, I fell in love with the Void RGB Elite Wireless.

It is precisely that there is no need to wait a few minutes for the fitting via Bluetooth or to carry out the slightest manipulation. As soon as the transmitter is plugged in and the headphones on, everything already works instantly!

Functionality Microphone Corsair’s Void RGB

In addition, the functionality of the headset is very intuitive. You can quickly spot the microphone button on contact with your fingers (although it is not a particularly pleasant pressure). Which therefore allows you to activate or deactivate it.

And even activated, it will then be necessary to lower it for it to be active. So that it is enough to raise it or lower it to turn it off and on during a discussion or a very practical game session!

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Setting Sound For Corsair Void Headset

One of my big questions for any headset is about sound tuning , and the Void RGB Elite Wireless has a pretty good answer.

I quite like the dials, but Corsair preferred a kind of notch that you push up to raise the sound and down to lower it. And which between two interactions always returns to its initial position.

Management Sound

And the advantage of this manipulation (instead of the simple dial) is that the notch does not have to allow a simple management of the sound. But can also be pressured to activate / deactivate the audio equalizer (quick press) or (long press).

As is usual, a small light on the headset indicates by its color and frequency its connection or search for pairing, as well as its battery level.

Appearance Headset

When the headset is on, the Corsair logo (which appears to the right and left of the headset) quickly changes colors for the RGB effect promised by the headset name.

This effect is obviously customizable thanks to the iCUE software, downloadable here.

Advantage for Corsair’s Void RGB

Which offers the pleasant advantage of involving all your devices in the Corsair ecosystem for a fairly harmonious effect. Actually more interesting than the relatively discreet illumination of the Void RGB Elite Wireless, whose light surface is quite small.

This is undoubtedly a good point, RGB headphones always seem a little gadget. Even harmful since colors that are too strong or bright can create a distraction.

Elegant Effect

When they are above all there for an elegant chromatic effect concerning several devices simultaneously. They appear to me on the other hand very welcome.

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If you are completely insensitive to it, or to optimize battery life. It is also on iCUE that we can completely turn off all RGB.

Finally, on iCUE, you can customize the audio equalizer (EQ) parameters. Adjust the input volume and the microphone input sound, activate or deactivate 7.1 surround sound.

Software Download For Corsair Void Headset Wireless

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