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Razer Iskur review

Razer Iskur review: a well-finished gaming chair

With the extremely solid Razer Iskur, the hardware maker is making a solid debut in high-end gaming chairs

Razer, along with brands such as SteelSeries, Logitech, and Corsair, is a renowned manufacturer of hardware for gamers. The range has grown considerably over the years and goes well beyond mice, keyboards and headsets. The Singaporean-American company is now even adding its first gaming chair to its arsenal of gaming accessories and is ripping itself into the top segment on gaming chair legs from Secretlab and Noblechairs, among others.

The Razer Iskur Office Chair is the first of its kind from Razer. Launched at the end of 2020, it takes the design of a bucket seat, widely used in the world of gaming . The Iskur was marketed at a price of 499 €, which puts it in front of a competitor like the Secretlab Titan.


Staying comfortably seated for long hours playing or working requires minimal adjustments to your chair. On this point, Iskur offers an initial adjustment that is as obvious as it is essential: the height of the seat. This can be adjusted from 44 to 54 cm, which is an average amplitude. This corresponds to the recommendations of Razer, which promises comfort to users from 1.70 to 1.90 m. However, it should not be too wide.

Indeed, the seat width of the Iskur is only 40 cm. Even for someone on the small side, this somewhat limits the spacing of the legs. The most imposing templates will undoubtedly pass their way.

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Good point for armrests which can be adjusted in 4 directions (4D armrests). These elements must be able to adjust to the height of the worktop. Those of Razer offer an amplitude of 9 cm, an interesting value. Iskur also allows you to change the angle of the armrest as well as its distance from the bust. Finally, the last adjustment is the one that is too often missing: that of the depth. Backing up or forwarding the armrest allows you to stand at the right distance from your desk.


It seems that so-called ” gaming ” chairs have a hard time escaping the bucket seat look. The Razer Iskur is no exception, as is the Secretlab Titan or the Rekt Ultim8.before her. The Iskur file is therefore very high and enveloping. Once again, the returns on each side of the bust will be awkward for the larger body types. The backrest goes up to the shoulders, which is a good thing to ensure good support, even for people up to six feet tall.

However, the presence of a headrest is not necessarily recommended. The latter hinders certain movements and can lead to neck and headaches over time. We advise you not to permanently use the cushion provided to limit the risk of pain.


Razer has taken great care in the finishes and build quality of its chair. The Iskur benefits from a serious assembly, in particular at the level of the imitation leather parts which have good stitching, essential to the life of the seat. The plastics used for the armrests and the adjustment levers give full confidence.

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The imitation leather covering that covers the seat and the backrest also seems to be of good quality. However, it is more complicated to assess its aging over time. The choice of imitation leather rather than fabric can be debated. The first is less messy and less sensitive to stains, the second more breathable.

The metal leg is in line with the rest of the chair. The five casters are satisfactory and allow the Razer chair to move easily and rather silently.


The Razer Iskur is definitely an interesting and comfortable chair. Its lumbar adjustment is not the best thought out, but the backrest remains comfortable without it. The Razer gaming chair benefits from very good finishes and is comfortable. However, if you are over 1.85m tall or have a rather wide body, Iskur may be too narrow for you. Better then to turn to the XL versions of the Secretlab Titan.

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