Top 10 Mobile Games Must Have

Our top 10 must-have mobile games

Mobile games are taking up more and more space in the world of video games and support millions of players around the world on a daily basis. Downloading the application is quick and easy, and in one click you find yourself in the game. From “Mario” to “Pokémon” via “Fallout Shelter” and “Genshin Impact”, discover our selection of top 10 mobile games at A must see.

Who has never played a mobile game? Candy Crush for example, or even Fruit Ninja have necessarily passed through your hands. They are now essential in the world of video games and their popularity is well established. We offer you 10 mobile games to test and we already tell you: you will spend hours on it!

1. Super Mario Run , a classic

Top 10 mobile games first, Mario even invites himself into your phone with a platform game that will delight fans of the first hour. The levels are varied, we find everything that has made the charm of the saga since the 80s and the handling is easy. What a way to have a good time, share your results with your friends and try to beat their records.

2. Monument Valley 1 & 2 , defy the laws of gravity

Monument Valley and its sequel look like suspended moments full of grace. It’s beautiful, it’s calm and the games push you to think to solve the puzzles in front of you. You immerse yourself completely in the dreamlike universe, while your little character must succeed in escaping from each level, with a difficulty that increases little by little, while the laws of physics disappear.

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3. Pokémon GO , become the best real trainer

No, Pokémon GO didn’t disappear in a single summer . If its launch was a real phenomenon, with gatherings of tens and hundreds of people to catch rare Pokémon, the game is still very popular today. The updates are numerous, new creatures arrive regularly and you can face teams like a real trainer thanks to the arenas.

4. Genshin Impact , a next-gen RPG

Action-RPG with a large open world, Genshin Impact arrived on PC, PS4 and mobile in September 2020 and met with immediate success. The goal of the game is simple: build your team, do many quests, fight creatures and level up your characters to make them stronger. The aesthetic is close to Japanese anime and the rhythm of the game is dynamic.

5. The Sims Mobile , still addictive

This mobile version of The Sims includes all the mechanics of the game , from creating your character to developing your life and building your house. And this time, no need to wait to get home and turn on your PC to resume your game: everything is already in your hand, with your phone. You can manage your character’s life at any time of the day. In addition, many events are added to the game regularly.

6. Fallout Shelter , create the best post-apocalyptic community

What would you do in the event of an apocalypse? Build the best bunker to survive as long as possible? Then Fallout Shelter is for you! The Earth is uninhabitable and an underground, functional and increasingly large shelter must be built to accommodate more and more survivors.

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The goal of this management game is to build the rooms necessary for survival. Collect food and energy, and put the most suitable characters in each room, preventing, from time to time, looters and bandits from coming to kill them.

7. Once Upon a Tower , and its Warrior Princess

If you love fairy tales, this game is for you! But there, there is a twist, the imprisoned princess is not saved by a charming prince. The latter never arrived at the dungeon. And the princess must save herself. Armed with a hammer, she must manage to reach the bottom of each level by avoiding traps and eliminating each enemy in front of her. A platform game that quickly becomes addictive.

8. Alto’s Odyssey , and its sublime settings

The story is funny and simple: Alto goes on an adventure after losing his llamas in the mountains. Wearing his skis, the character must go through many levels in different universes with a unique and colorful atmosphere. There are goals to achieve, points and coins to collect to improve your equipment.

9. Rayman Adventures , a crazy and colorful universe

Would you like a bit of nostalgia again  ? After Mario, Rayman has also landed in your phone with a brand new adventure. In this platform game, there are five worlds to cross by winning each level. We find there the colorful universe of Rayman. The rhythm is fluid, dynamic and the sets are varied, avoiding any redundancy in the game. A crazy adventure awaits you.

10. Geometry Dash , test your sense of rhythm

If you have a sense of rhythm and are not afraid to start levels over and over again, this game is for you. The goal is simple: jump at the right time and avoid all the obstacles to get as far as possible with its geometric shape. The atmosphere is there, with music that will accompany you on each game.

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