MSI B450 Gaming PLUS software


MSI B450 Performance Gaming with AMD Ryzen processor

If you want the best performance in gaming, MSI B450 GAMING PLUS is the motherboard for you. Equipped with the latest technologies in electronic components. This components can serve as a basis for an optimal configuration and ensure a very immersive gaming experience. The B450 GAMING PLUS is a jewel of technology that wants to guarantee breathtaking performance for gamers.

This motherboard compatible with ryzen processors. And specially designed for stability of IEM flows between the different parts making up your PC.

Designed to accommodate AMD processors based on the new Ryzen architecture and based on the AMD B450 chipset. The B450 GAMING PLUS motherboard combines power, stability, versatility, silence for a gaming-oriented configuration. Benefit from all the latest technological innovations and the flawless and renowned quality of MSI.

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Boost your performance with Turbo M.2

Boost your SSD performance with Turbo M.2. Get faster system startup with M.2 Turbo storage solution based on PCIe Gen3 generation. The latter can deliver transfer rates of up to 32 Gb / s, which is up to 5 times faster than a traditional SATA 3.0 connection. The B450 GAMING PLUS motherboard has 2 M.2 ports compatible with ultra-fast NVMe SSDs interfaced with PCI-Express.

Audio Boost, the ultimate audio solution

With the B450 GAMING PLUS motherboard, enjoy Audio Boost technology. The prestigious audio solution for gamers associated with exclusive Nahimic 3 technology. Audio Boost, unlike integrated sound cards, acts the same as a dedicated sound card but offers maximum protection against interference and provides a stable signal!

Be ready to live a unique experience thanks to the dual integrated front and rear amplifiers to offer you a sound reproduction at the height of a high-end audio headset. The gold audio connectors will enhance the sound quality with better signal output as well as a dedicated amplifier output optimized for studio headphones.

You will finally be able to rely on the exclusive Nahimic 3 technology to obtain the most incredible surround sound. The Nahimic software also gives you the possibility of improving the sound reproduction of games. But also of your microphone to facilitate communication with your allies (or to troll your enemies).




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MSI B450 GAMING PLUS is an entry level in the line of motherboards dedicated to video games, but its performance is quite decent. It allows a very smooth gaming experience. Fluency which is often the decisive victory factor in a game.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to push your equipment to its limits without risking overheating it and suffering from lag or crashes.