Logitech M187 Efficient wireless mouse, Software

Logitech M187

Efficient mouse wireless?

The Logitech M187 is a small wireless mouse with an optical sensor. It is primarily intended for laptops and sold from 15 euros.


All dressed in plastic (matt on the sides and shiny on the top), the M187 offers hoods in different colors (blue, black, red). Be careful, if you choose the black model, it easily retains fingerprints. On the red model, received for testing, the problem seems minimal as you have to stick your eye to the mouse to see the traces of the mimines.

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Design M187

M187 length

As for size and grip, no surprise, it is too small (8 cm) to support the wrist – even if it is quite logical for a pocket mouse – and the glide, if it remains soft, is not really silent. Logitech would do well to review the skates.

With the AA battery in place, the mouse weighs 51 grams, which goes unnoticed in a backpack or satchel.

logitech 187

M187 slice above

The M187 only offers the traditional left and right buttons and the wheel button. It is therefore impossible to adapt the sensitivity of this mini-mouse (1000 dpi) on the fly or to deport a function under the thumb (no button here). Like the HP X4000, its functions are similar to the ball mice of yesteryear.

Small compensation, the simple and symmetrical shape is perfectly ambidextrous.


The M187 is suitable for Internet browsing and all office automation that does not require millimeter cursor placements. Its frequency of 125 Hz does not allow it to satisfy a very demanding public (graphic designers, etc.); it does not communicate its position frequently enough to the computer.

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A mouse for gamers requires a sensor that can hold up to a movement speed of 3 meters per second.

The same goes for the movement speed, which reaches a maximum of 1.3 m / s; it’s too slow for gamers, especially for FPS enthusiasts (Call of Duty, Half Life) who need to be able to turn around in the blink of an eye. For other types of games, it is already much less of a problem.


The small size of the wireless USB connector allows it to be plugged into the computer when it is moved and reduces the risk of loss or tearing. When moving the mouse without the notebook, it is possible to store this connector inside the mouse.


Suitable for office use.
Nothing to adjust, you plug in, it works.


Unsuitable for games that require a minimum of speed and precision.
Few buttons.
Non-disengageable wheel.

Software Logitech G Hub

Software logitech G Hub > Installers


The Logitech M187 does not shine with its features. However, this small wireless notebook mouse fulfills its role: to offer a space-saving and inexpensive alternative to the touchpad.