Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Better than G502?

Logitech G402

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury review

Little sister of the G502 Proteus Core, the G402 hyperion Fury is according to Logitech a mouse with a super fast sensor. Less equipped with buttons than its big sister, the G402 is intended mainly for FPS players. With its 4000 dpi sensor, it is positioned against rivals such as the Kone Pure Optical or the Steelserie Rival.

Design & Handling


The Logitech G502 above against the Steelseries Rival below As with the G502, Logitech has confined itself to a right-handed model.

Less wide and thinner than its big sister, the G402 offers a mix of matte and shiny plastic with a slightly rough plastic and a little grip under the thumb. The backlight is unobtrusive with an illuminating G on the palm rest and 3 LEDs to indicate which DPI profile is active.


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Logitech G402

The mouse turns out to be relatively long (13.6 cm), while its height (4.1 cm) and width (7.2 cm) make it a comfortable model to handle, with pleasant sides to lock the fingers. and ensure a firm grip. Spider posture or fingers glued to the mouse, the choice is yours, both grips are possible.

Seen from above, the mouse looks rather good, with clearly aggressive curves and we understand at first glance that this is a mouse intended for gamers. Curves that contrast sharply with the old versions of Logitech mice, we think in particular of the G400.

With 144 grams on the scale, the mouse is relatively weighted. You can’t influence your weight. The glide is ensured by 4 Teflon pads. Two main at the front and at the back and two smaller ones on each side of the sensor. The mouse glides perfectly, both on fabric and on silicone.

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In terms of materials, the G402 Hyperion Fury is designed for the most part in a solid black matte plastic. Its lines are accentuated by areas of shiny black plastic while the right and left edges have two rubber covers to ensure good support during your fastest trips.

It all seems rather resistant, but we can still regret the absence of a little more noble materials, such as aluminum in the Corsair M65 for example.


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With 8 buttons, the mouse offers some possibilities for shortcuts and macros. The use of mechanical switches offers foolproof responsiveness and the clicks are pleasant and well felt.

On the other hand, we regret the absence of a disengageable wheel as on the G502. The latter is also a little hard, probably to avoid going too far in the selection of weapon in play. But it turns out to be blow a little too hard for web browsing.

Finally, we also regret the absence of side buttons for horizontal scrolling on the dial.

Logitech G402


Like any good mouse gamer who respects the G402 Hyperion Fury communicates with the PC to the frequency of 1000 Hz for maximum precision in movement.

Note that if you use it on a modest machine – you never know you should not hesitate to lower the frequency to 500 Hz, or even 125 Hz. Which will be more than sufficient for office automation or strategy games.

Software Logitech G HUB

Software G Hub > Installer

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The G402 does not measure up to its bigger sister, the more complete G502. It is still excellent for FPS fans: it offers more buttons than its direct competitors. Its sensor is effective and it is comfortable, an important point for long gaming sessions.