iPhone 13 test: Still efficient and much more enduring

.iphone 13 test performance

The Apple iPhone 12 was in 2020 an excellent smartphone, however suffering from a somewhat light autonomy compared to its competitors. The iPhone 13 which succeeds it makes up for this weakness and has real advantages: a very well calibrated Oled screen, convincing photo performance, power and a perfectly mastered design.

The fact remains that it still ignores 120 Hz, still sports a large notch and imposes a somewhat long charging tim. In short, the iPhone 13 is all in all very little innovative compared to its elder. Very good smartphone in itself, it will therefore be much more interesting for users of iPhones. Of generation 11 or earlier who wish to taste a smartphone cut for iOS 15 than for holders of an iPhone 12.


Each new school year has its new batch of iPhones. The thirteenth generation is now available. The iPhone 13 is the central proposition of the fruity brand, offering the same format as the iPhone 13 Pro, but with a simpler photo block, like the iPhone 13 Mini. We can thus split the Apple 2021 range into two: on the one hand the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max ; on the other, the 13 Mini and 13. It is this last model that we subjected to all of our laboratory tests.

The iPhone 13 is billed from €909 in its 128 GB version, and up to €1,259 in 512 GB. of the one that interests us here is identical to that of the iPhone 12 when it was released… for doubled storage.

Dimensions146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7mm146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7mm
FrameAluminumStainless steel
ROMs128, 256 and 512 GB128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB
Telephoto moduleNoYes
LiDAR sensorNoYes
Starting price909 €1159 €

Ergonomics and design Iphone 13

We made it clear in our iPhone 13 Pro Max review that it’s hard to tell the difference between generations 12 and 13 of Apple’s smartphones. The iPhone 13 therefore looks almost exactly like the iPhone 12, but like the Max model, it is a little heavier. Its additional 10 g bring it to 174 g for dimensions of 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7 mm.

The device is very slightly thicker too bad if you plan to use an iPhone 12 shell to protect the new comer.  Which is probably explained by the accumulator with which it is equipped. In hand, however, it is not particularly embarrassing.

In the radius of the common points, we find the aluminum frame of the iPhone 12, available in new colors (including blue and pink) when the iPhone 13 Pro are designed in stainless steel.

Button for Iphone 13

The buttons remain placed on the right for the ignition key, on the left for the volume and silent mode settings. On the back, Apple keeps a glass that is always shiny and catches fingerprints. On the lower edge is the Lightning charging port that the European Commission wants to see replaced by a USB-C.

As usual since the iPhone 7, no jack: at least we can take comfort in the fact that the legislation requires Apple to accompany its smartphones with EarPods headphones. On the other hand, it will be necessary to reuse an old charging block or acquire a new one, the Cupertino company no longer providing this accessory. We also note that the iPhone 13, like its predecessor, is IP68 certified, that is to say that it is waterproof.

See From Front Iphone 13

From the front, the iPhone 13 still gains a 20% narrower notch compared to that of the iPhone 12 . It is a little thicker and still accommodates the camera for selfies and the Face ID sensor dedicated to securing the terminal.

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At a time when its competitors have widely adopted discreet punches and are trying their hand at cameras under the screen. The maintenance of this notch is disappointing. The fact remains that almost 88% of its facade (excluding the notch) is occupied by a 6 OLED screen, 1 inch, which is very correct.

Quality Audio of Iphone 13

In the absence of a jack, as mentioned above, you have to go through wired EarPods, Bluetooth headphones or the speakers of the iPhone 13 which also deliver good listening quality.

Spesification Screen Of Iphone 13

The iPhone 12 already benefited from a beautiful screen, except that it was started by a large notch. O rage, it remains indeed present despite the efforts of Apple, which has reduced the width by 20%. At a time of widespread punches on mid-range and entry-level Android smartphones, it is undoubtedly a source of frustration, especially since the black borders that surround the screen of the iPhone 13 are not a absolute example of thinness.

These considerations aside, the latest addition to the apple offers an Oled panel provided by LG Display, like that of the iPhone 12 by the way. It is progressing compared to its predecessor, thanks in particular to its luminosity. We measured it at its maximum at 864 cd / m² by opting for the adaptive display. In more energy-efficient standard conditions, this panel goes up to 532 cd / m², which represents a good score in absolute terms.

Screen Iphone 13 for play Gaming

In the comparison game, the iPhone 12 did less well, peaking at 635 cd / m² at best when the 800 cd / m² were only exceeded by the iPhone 12 Pro in 2020. What to compensate for the iPhone 13 a reflectance of 45.1% – in the average of smartphones. Of course – and ensure very good readability in direct sunlight. Oled requires, the contrast is almost infinite, which obviously contributes to the readability of this panel. We also note that Apple manages to limit the brightness of its iPhone 13 to 0.1 cd / m². Which your eyes should appreciate in the dark.

Last quality noted, and not least: a simply excellent calibration, which translates into a delta E of 1, which indicates good respect for colors. We can obviously blame the smartphone for a very slightly perfectible color temperature at 6810 K, but it would be for the pleasure of quibbling. On the other hand, it’s hard not to regret that its refresh rate is set at 60 Hz. For 120 Hz, you have to switch to the iPhone 13 Pro or the 13 Pro Max model.

Testing Performance Iphone 13

Each new generation of iPhone includes a new chip. It is very logical that the A15 Bionic succeeds the A14 Bionic of 2020, while still promising more power. This chipset is based on the CPU side on six cores, including two Avalanche for the most demanding tasks, and four Blizzard cores. The 5 nm engraving inaugurated on the A14 Bionic is back, which undoubtedly contributes to the autonomy of the device.

Remember here that it is impossible for us to subject the iPhone to our usual battery of tests. The A15 nevertheless easily ranks up to the tenors of the Android universe, whether it’s the Snapdragon 888+, the Exynos 2100 or the Kirin 9000.

The Cupertino chip, benefiting from an optimization software cut for his beautiful eyes, works wonders within the iPhone 13 which proves capable of running all types of apps without flinching – with very contained heating. However, it is difficult to perceive the difference with the A14 of the iPhone 12, which is already extremely efficient. If you acquire an iPhone 13 to replace an even older model, the performance gain will be felt more.

Result Test Camera Iphone 13

The iPhone 13 sports a different rear photo block from the iPhone 12 since its two modules are aligned diagonally, and not vertically, but does not gain an additional sensor. For more than a wide-angle module and another ultra-wide-angle, with 12 megapixel sensors each, we must therefore turn to the Pro range provided for its share of telephoto lenses.

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In general, the iPhone 13 seems to retain the equipment of the iPhone 12, but the devil is in the details: its main sensor is larger. Its 1.7 µm pixels (1.4 µm for the iPhone 12) are reminiscent of those… of the iPhone 12 Pro Max , from which it therefore seems to have inherited the sensor.

Compare Camera Iphone 13 with Iphone 12

Does the wide-angle of the iPhone 13 deliver better shots than the iPhone 12 and does it live up to the iPhone 12 Pro Max?. We did the test (to be found here ) and the result is clear: the iPhone 13 offers a higher level of detail with much better homogeneity. Avoiding blurring of the periphery visible on iPhone shots 12. It comes up to par with the 12 Pro Max, at least when it comes to its core module.

The gain is visible if we compare the smartphone to its elders. But the competition is fierce and it is important to situate this iPhone 13 against rival products, such as the Galaxy S21 from Samsung , but also the Galaxy S21+ with the identical photo island.


Wide angle module: 12 Mpx, f/1.6, eq. 26mm
At wide-angle precisely, the slightly cold hue spotted during our comparison. Is all the more visible as the exposure offered by the Galaxy S21 is a little better and the rendering a bit more saturated.

The level of detail is high on both shots, but there is a slightly more marked accentuation on that of the iPhone 13.

Night Mode

The night mode, preferring a longer exposure (1/8 s), compensates for the defects previously noted. The exposure is much better and the details are more readable.

We appreciate the quality of the processing carried out by Apple. Which avoids a smoothing very often present on the photos of competing models.


The exposure, which is a little better controlled on the Galaxy S21 at wide-angle, is also controlled at ultra-wide-angle. By day, it allows above all to maintain a more vivid colorimetry, even if it means losing a tad natural.

A marked accentuation also makes it possible to find details less well restored by the iPhone 13. Such as the characters on the edge of the book or the eyes of the dancers located on the left of the shot.

If there is one exercise that few smartphones manage to emerge victorious from, it is that of ultra-wide-angle night capture. The iPhone 13 suffers from classic flaws: dark shots with digital noise and detail smoothing.

That said, despite a lower level of detail than the Galaxy S21. The iPhone 13 has the merit of not recreating erroneous information. In short, the pictures are difficult to use, but a little more faithful.

The long exposure activated automatically by the iPhone makes it possible, at the cost of pronounced digital noise. To find a much fairer exposure and a more satisfactory level of detail. Nothing to get excited about, but at least the elements of the shot are usable.


iPhones are gaining in endurance year after year and the 13 is no exception to this trend with a 3240 mAh battery instead of the 2815 mAh of the iPhone 12.

It managed during our Netflix endurance test to hold 10:25 p.m. before extinction. Where the iPhone 12 had given up after 1:15 p.m. Enough to last a day in intensive use, and much more for the most economical.

Time To Charghing Iphone 13

At a time when fast charging is coming to almost all competing premium smartphones, Apple is resisting. It does not provide a charger with its devices, but at best it supports 20 W blocks. With a suitable charger, we measured just 1 hour 30 minutes. The smartphone is compatible with 15 W wireless charging (MagSafe) and standard 7.5 W Qi charging.

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Repairability Iphone 13

Gadget iPhones are not among the smartphones with the best repairability indices. The iPhone 13, however, gains 0.1 points compared to the 12, because the dismantling of some of its components is a little easier than in 2020.

For the rest, it loses points in that it requires the use of complex tools for its dismantling. Its spare parts are a bit expensive compared to the price of the new smartphone. But the iPhone 13 compensates with comprehensive software information and remote support.

Durability Iphone 13

Our sustainability score makes it possible to determine the sustainable aspect of the smartphone for both the consumer and the environment. It is based on the repairability index, durability criteria (protection index, standard connectors, warranty period and updates, etc.).

And an assessment of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies.  You can find all the details of the analysis in our article presenting the sustainability score .

Interface & OS Iphone 13

The iPhone 13 comes with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 15.

The novelty that made people talk about iOS 15 is unfortunately absent when it was launched.

It is also possible to share your screen with said person. A feature that “brings closer” according to Apple and which should democratize remote watch parties .

However, we will have to wait for a future update, Apple indicating that SharePlay should be available “later” . Still on FaceTime, we notice the appearance of portrait mode or even voice isolation when the user is in a noisy environment. At last,finally opens outside iOS devices since with a simple link, you can “facetimer” with an Android smartphone.

Finally, gestures now work. You can switch pages or create a new one with a left or right swipe. A swipe up takes you back to all your tabs. Extensions are also making an appearance on Safari for iPhone. For the moment, they are only limited to ad blockers.

Features IOS 15 on Iphone 13

Many other new features are coming with iOS 15. Such as Live Text which detects the text present in your photos. Search for an address (when it is a business) or create a contact card if the text contains an email address, for example.

In the case of a text in a foreign language. The translation can be done on the fly via the Photos app. Spotlight search is improving with more content, while privacy keeps your data even more protected, Photos also inaugurating Interactive Memories…

You can find all these new features on the dedicated Apple website .


The iPhone 12 was an excellent smartphone in 2020, however suffering from a somewhat light autonomy compared to its competitors. The iPhone 13 which succeeds it makes up for this weakness and has real advantages: a very well calibrated Oled screen. Convincing photo performance, power and a perfectly mastered design.

The fact remains that it still ignores 120 Hz, still sports a large notch and imposes a somewhat long charging time. In short, the iPhone 13 is all in all very little innovative compared to its elder. Very good smartphone in itself, it will therefore be much more interesting for users of iPhones.  Of generation 11 or earlier who wish to taste a smartphone cut for iOS 15 than for holders of an iPhone 12.

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