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Introduce Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed keyboard introduces Logitech’s new low profile GL mechanical switches.  Available in linear, tactile and clicky versions , depending on your preferred feel. Resolutely high-end, it is displayed at € 249, but is also available in a wired version, called G815 and sold € 50 less.

The G915 Lightspeed isn’t the manufacturer’s first mechanical wireless gaming keyboard, however. Logitech has indeed already released a G613 that we tested at the end of 2017, but which is much less upscale and uses conventional height mechanical switches.


We guessed it on the official visuals and it is confirmed at first contact: the G915 Lightspeed impresses with its design and its build quality. It follows the great trend of the moment and adopts a so-called frameless design , that is to say without a cover around the keys.

The switches are thus directly visible under the keys, fixed on a brushed aluminum finishing plate which makes its small effect.

A design reminiscent of the G413 and G513 Carbon, except that the finishes here are even better, the aluminum plate being curved on the sides of the keyboard to cover part of the left and right edges.

Esthetic Design

More aesthetic, but also more pleasant in the hand when moving the keyboard; this avoids the sharp side of other keyboards with an aluminum finish.

Such as those we have just mentioned. The rest of the chassis is black plastic, but it is of good quality and can only be seen on the edges and underside of the keyboard.

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Full keyboard requires (with numeric keypad, multimedia keys and even macro keys), the G915 takes up a little space on the desk (475 x 150 mm), but retains a reasonable size. The absence of palm rest allows it to remain quite discreet (for a gaming keyboard of course ).

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Fortunately, comfort does not suffer too much thanks to the thinness of the chassis. We only measure a small centimeter thick and 9 mm more to the top of the keys. In total, counting the rubber pads that give it good stability on the desk, the G915 does not exceed 22 mm thick at its highest point, when it is flat.

If you prefer a more or less pronounced inclination, it is possible to deploy feet under the back of the keyboard. The top of the function keys, on the highest row, thus increases to 27 mm with the small feet and 34 mm with the larger ones.


In terms of functionality, we appreciate having dedicated multimedia keys. The four small round buttons used to mute, pause or activate playback and navigate between tracks.  Are surmounted by a large aluminum wheel used to adjust the sound volume. With a beautiful width, the latter is one of the best that we have been given to handle on a keyboard.

Eight other keys are located on the left, above the function keys. M1, M2 and M3 are used to switch on the fly from one user profile to another (all three saved in the internal memory of the keyboard). While MR allows you to record macros. Macros that can in particular be assigned to the 5 keys numbered from G1 to G5 distributed in columns on the left.


A position – as always with keyboards that have it – a little unsettling at first when we try to place our hands on the keyboard by looking for the Ctrl key usually the lowest on the left. ut we get used to it quickly and these keys can quickly become very useful in games or software requiring the use of a lot of shortcuts. Unfortunately, Logitech does not allow.

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Still at the top, to the right of the M keys, there is a key dedicated to activating Ligthspeed wireless transmission mode and another to activate Bluetooth.

Thus, it is possible to use the G915 with two devices: a computer used to play on which is plugged in the Lightspeed USB radio link dongle and a laptop or smartphone using Bluetooth, for example. You simply switch from one to the other by pressing the corresponding key.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboard requires, another key is used to activate game mode to deactivate the Windows keys and the Alt Graph key. Any other key that has been previously defined in the settings of the G Hub software (see box ).

Strangely, game mode does not disable keyboard shortcuts like “alt + F4”, unlike what you see on other keyboards. Finally, the last of the 8 upper keys is simply used to adjust the intensity of the backlight.

We have 4 levels in addition to the possibility of completely cutting it. The backlighting is also neat and applies to the brand’s logo as well as to the multimedia keys.


Backlight off, the manufacturer promises 135 days of autonomy. However, we cannot really recommend to do without the backlight altogether if we need to look for certain keys. Since the translucent plastic revealed by the laser screen printing of the characters is far too dark to ensure good readability.

Once off, it is difficult to see the letters and symbols, which is a bit annoying for a wireless keyboard that we would have liked to be able to easily use backlighting off to preserve its autonomy.

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Without backlighting, the readability of key characters is noticeably poorer.


Wireless keyboard requires, the Lightspeed G915 only offers a limited connection. Do not expect mini-jacks for headphones and microphones or USB hubs and we cannot therefore blame it for these shortcomings. Only a micro USB port is present on the upper edge of the keyboard to allow its battery to be recharged.

In terms of connection, if Bluetooth is to be reserved for more office use. The Lightspeed link, on the other hand, has proven itself and allows first-rate responsiveness. It is simply impossible to feel a difference compared to a wired connection, the latency being remarkably low.

Perfect for video game use and we expected no less. However, in order to optimize the quality of wireless transmission. Logitech provides with its USB cable a micro-USB to USB adapter allowing you to connect the transceiver and bring it closer to the keyboard. Note also that the Lightspeed G915 can also operate wired.

Logitech G Hub configuration software

Replacing Logitech’s Gaming Assistant, G Hub software is used to configure all of the brand’s latest gaming peripherals .

Article about Logitech G Hub > What G Hub for logitech

It offers more or less the same main options, namely the assignment to the G keys of the functions of our choice (pre-recorded commands or macro functions that we have created).

The change of the backlight effects or the selection of the keys which will be deactivated in game mode.

The settings can then be saved in profiles associated with specific games (so that they are loaded at the same time as the game). In one of the three profiles integrated into the keyboard, to enjoy anywhere.

Manual G HUB

Manual PDF > G Hub