Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Mouse Review

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 : The magic of the MagSpeed ​​wheel in a mobile mouse

The benchmark for nomadic office mice, the Logitech MX Anywhere has undergone several evolutions. Its disengageable wheel  free scroll or notched, as desired has always been its centerpiece. providing undeniable ease of use when it comes to scrolling through long documents. So when Logitech introduced its new MagSpeed ​​wheel on its MX Master 3. Taking all the advantages of the previous disengageable wheel.

But without its flaws (risk of instability on some models also observed during the Anywhere 2S test, precisely). We began to dream of a new version of the MX Anywhere that would have it. It is therefore done with this third version of the spearhead of Logitech nomadic mice. Which takes the opportunity to review its design.


In the same way that the MX Anywhere 2 and 2S adopted the aesthetic codes of their parents MX Master 2 and 2S. The MX Anywhere 3 is logically inspired by the design of the MX Master 3. If the general shape and dimensions (100, 5 x 65 x 34.4 mm) are not upset. This third version being barely wider at its base (+3 mm), we still observe significant changes that modify the grip of the mouse.

The most striking is at the level of the slices, less hollowed out. The thumb can no longer take support under the buttons. They are therefore better integrated and a little more accessible. On the other hand, it is not without posing some gripping concerns.

Since the silicone coating of the edges may be in relief, it turns out to be less adherent than the material used on the MX Master 3. Lift the mouse to refocus it on the mat is thus a little less obvious and pushes to slightly change the way he grasps it.

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Fortunately, Logitech has managed to reduce the mass of its mouse by a few grams. Our constraints to see the MagSpeed ​​wheel weighing down the MX Anywhere 3 were gone the moment we put the mouse on our precision scale. At 95 g, it is even 4 g less heavy than what Logitech announces and thus loses 9 g compared to the Anywhere 2S.

Enough to give it good agility when handled with your fingertips, whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Indeed, the symmetrical design of the mouse allows its use with the left hand. It is unfortunately necessary to make a cross on the buttons, absent from the right edge. Too bad the MX Anywhere 3 is not completely ambidextrous.

Accesibility for Logitech MX Anywhere

The Swiss manufacturer has nevertheless made an effort of accessibility with its new MX Anywhere, significantly widening the main buttons. Big fingers will appreciate it. Sensitive ears, on the other hand, will like the sound of the mechanical switches associated with these buttons much less.

While one would expect more discretion compared to the knobs of the MX Master 3, those of the MX Anywhere 3 are quite noisy. However, these are classic Omron D2FC-F-7N, guaranteed for a minimum of 10 million activations, which we find in many mice. Could the new shape of the buttons be responsible for less sound insulation? Still, for a nomadic mouse to be used almost anywhere, especially in the community, we find that quite boring.

It is undoubtedly difficult to reconcile the firmness of the buttons  durability and quiet operation. Still, the observation is clear: the MX Anywhere 3 is not discreet at this level.

Battery Capacity

Despite a loss of weight that could cause fear of a drop in the capacity of the built-in Li-Po battery, it is not. Its 500 mAh is still enough to provide up to 70 days of use, according to Logitech. If you forget to charge it despite the alert message appearing when the charge level is low. You can always count on the fast charge to restore 3 hours of autonomy by simply plugging it in for one minute with its USB-C cable

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We also appreciate the multiple connectivity of the mouse. Which can also work well with the dongleUSB Unifying supplied (also compatible with other Logitech peripherals) than with Bluetooth. Thanks to the Flow function, it is even possible to control several computers at the same time. Whether they are under Windows or macOS.

Very practical to switch, for example, from a laptop that we have just used on the move and which hosts documents, to a desktop computer at work or at home. Documents can be dragged from one computer to another by simply dragging and dropping, as if using a single computer.

Logitech has even gone even further by simplifying the management of profiles depending on the type of software used. The functions of the different mouse buttons change automatically when switching from compatible software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Zoom) to another.


Capable of operating on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass. The PixArt PMW3816DM optical sensor of the Logitech MX Anywhere 3. The same as that of the MX Master 3 – also offers excellent precision. We appreciate not having to worry about where you put your mouse, which is truly all-terrain. We have yet to find any material that could interfere with its sensor.

On the other hand, Logitech has decided to no longer indicate precisely the sensitivity of the sensor in its Logitech Options software. Instead, a simple slider bar adjusts the speed of the pointer. Easier to understand for the general public, no doubt, but less precise if you want to quickly find your favorite setting. If you are used to using another mouse on your desktop computer, for example.

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This situation arises in particular among PC gamers. Because while the MX Anywhere 3 sensor is very good in office automation. .Its responsiveness is not sufficient for use in fast games (FPS, etc.). It will nevertheless be quite suitable for occasional use or for less nervous titles. Preferably using the mouse in radio link with its Unifying dongle rather than Bluetooth to minimize latency.

Easy to use, the Logitech Options software allows you to modify the functions of the two slice buttons. That of the wheel and the upper button of the MX Anywhere 3. Settings that may be different depending on the software used, Logitech Options taking particular account of supports Microsoft Office and Adobe suites.

It is also in this software that the sensitivity settings of the sensor and the wheel are made, as well as the configuration of the Flow function, in particular to manage the transitions between the different computers to which the mouse is connected.


By winning a MagSpeed ​​wheel particularly pleasant to use. The MX Anywhere 3 from Logitech asserts its status as the best mobile office mouse. Better does not mean perfect, however, and some regressions in terms of grip and operating silence are still to be noted. Small faults which do not mar a very positive overall assessment. But can discourage those who attach less importance to the dial or to the precision of the sensor, in particular.

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