nubwo n7 software


● The Nubwo N7 headset is an entry-level gaming model, sober, simple and efficient! In this test, we are presenting the “Stereo” version, but note that the headphones are also available in a 7.1 surround version.

● The Nubwo N7 has 50mm transducers offering a wide frequency range with ” Circum Auricular ” earpads.  ie the ear cushions completely encompass the ears.

● The gaming headset has faux leather ear cups and an ergonomically padded headband that hugs your head. The microphone of the N7 is flexible multidirectional with an anti noise system allowing you to hear your voice without background noise.

● It is a wired headset with a braided cable of 1.70m. It can be used on PC, MAC as well as consoles (PS4, Xbox, Switch) and it is guaranteed for 12 months. Let’s move on to the test.

● First of all, let’s take into account that this gaming headset costs around € 30. So for this price, the sound is more than good. Indeed, with stereo headphones, we can expect a big lack of bass and too much treble but in the end the Nubwo N7 is well balanced.

● The sound of the headphones is quite clear and deep, in particular thanks to the 50mm loudspeakers. You can also adjust the volume directly on the headphones via a small dial.

● The surround 7.1 emulation in the higher version is not amazing, stereo is more than enough. It requires no driver in order to use it, just plug in the N7 headset and put it on your ears.

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● The microphone of the gaming headset is probably the most important positive point. In addition to being multidirectional and flexible, the microphone has remarkable quality.

● To be heard by his teammates in the middle of a game, will not pose any problem. It has a “Mute” button to mute the sound of your microphone, unfortunately it is badly placed, since it is located at the tip of the microphone itself.

● The microphone of the Nubwo N7 headset is delivered with a windshield (foam) to be placed on the microphone to avoid breathing noises and “pops”.

● The problem is that if you place the correct one, the button to switch the microphone On / Off is no longer accessible. This is the only design concern on the helmet.


● Nubwo brand N7 is a light helmet with a weight of 275 grams, a point not to be overlooked if you count the equipped for several hours non-stop.

● The pads foams are thick and quite soft to the touch. The fact that it completely encompasses the ears improves comfort. On the other hand, after a while the ears heat up a bit. This is due in particular to synthetic leather.

● On the top of the head, the arch is forgotten. Indeed, it is an elastic band, similar to that of a pair of ski goggles, which provides support. It is very pleasant and very effective.

● To summarize, the pads are pleasant and do not press too much on the ears, the headband and the tightening pose no problem. You can keep the helmet on your head for a while before your ears are a little warm.

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We did not say that the helmet looks quite solid, it is light with a combination of plastic and aluminum. The Nubwo N7 is an elegant and understated gaming headset that exudes quality especially for the price.

It has a more than adequate listening quality and a remarkable microphone! We strongly recommend the Stereo version which does not fit on all platforms (consoles and PCs), because the Surround version is not good.

The Nubwo N7 Headset is a very good wired gaming headset for small budgets!