Nubwo N7 Headset Software Update

nubwo 7 software update

Features of the Nubwo N7 Headset

  • 50mm headphones
  • Wired
  • Cable length: 170cm
  • PC and console compatible: PS3, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One (on all controllers with a 3.5mm jack port)
  • Requires Xbox One Controller Adapter)
  • Flexible microphone with ambient noise reduction
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Weight: 275 grams

Audio Performace Nubwo N7

We are not going to lie to each other, we should not expect to find the performance of a Razer Nari Ultimate which obviously costs much more. It’s still entry-level material for beginner players. That said, the sound rendering is quite satisfactory.

The Nubwo N7 is a rather bassy helmet, with a good depth, which allows a good immersion in the heart of the battles. Explosions and engine noises are well reproduced. We can notice a slight distortion at certain times, when there are a lot of sounds at the same time, but it is still quite rare.

The voices are present, you will have no problem listening to the instructions of the NPCs or hearing your real teammates. Overall there is good resolution across the entire audio spectrum, from bass to treble.

Power Sound Nubwo N7

The ambient sounds are quite precise, we can hear the whistling balls and the footsteps of our opponents are perfectly audible.

It still lacks a bit of spatialization. You will surely have a hard time knowing if the player is coming in front or behind you. On the other hand, the stereo works well and we detect the danger when it comes from the right or the left.

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The power is good, we will be able to turn up the sound to isolate ourselves perfectly from the noise of the house. When you turn up the volume to the maximum, there is a slight distortion, especially in the treble which becomes a little more aggressive, less pleasant, but it remains audible.

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Software Download Nubwo N7

Maximize your headset with this software.

Get File : Software Update (Zip File)

Conclusion Nubwo N7

I did not know the Nubwo brand. Looking around, I saw that it was a manufacturer that offered a lot of products very “inspired” by peripherals from the giants of computing or gaming. These are therefore more or less copied products, but much cheaper.

However, these are not bad copies. There is real inspiration for the design, but with solid materials. I was quite surprised to see such a low price for this gaming headset, which has nothing to envy to some major brand models, which costs twice as much. The build quality is really serious and the comfort is very satisfactory

On the performance side, it’s not amazing, but it’s not disappointing either. The sound is quite precise, distortions are rare, even at full power. We hear footsteps without any problem and we communicate effectively with our teammates. This inexpensive gaming headset is a nice surprise!

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