Logitech G935 Wireless Headset Review

Logitech G935 Wireless

Wireless Headset

Today where everything works without cables, it seems crazy to us to have to play on a wired controller. It’s the same with headsets and earphones, which are increasingly abandoning this aspect.

However, wireless technology is considered by audiophiles to be a disgrace for one simple aspect. The sound signal switches from analog to digital, therefore natively providing signal compression.

Logitech, which has been specializing in gaming equipment for several years now, is trying to offer today with the Logitech G935 a headset that overcomes this concern through its unique technology.

The first report with the helmet really gives you confidence. The box highlights this one with a photo of the helmet, as well as the various selling points. The box itself therefore offers the headphones, charging cables and wired connection as well as the instructions.

Part Of G935

Regarding the wireless part, Logitech had the good idea to slip the UBS key, mandatory for the use of the headset in the wireless configuration, in one of the ears. In order to balance the whole, we find on the other side the battery, also removable. The helmet weighs its weight, we feel it from our first use.

The headphones themselves are quite large, allowing to encompass the whole ear which is a very good point compared to the comfort that we will have in the long term. This Logitech G935 completely falls into the category of adaptable headsets, offering here an adjustment on the height, but also headphones that can perform a rotation in order to be able to follow the shape of our head.

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Regarding the colors, if the whole helmet offers a fairly shiny black, you will find on the other hand a whole backlit aspect. Controllable via the software available on a PC, the LEDs are fully customizable, thanks to a fairly complete RGB management. You will also find several buttons on the volume edge, on the headset, which are also customizable.

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Note that for more comfort, Logitech has opted for a retractable microphone system. A good idea if you use the headset more for cinema use than online video games.

The microphone activates only when it is lowered. Regarding the wireless part, the whole works over a distance of ten meters. And regarding its compatibility, you can play wirelessly on PC, PS4 but also on Nintendo Switch.

Dolby Atmos Testing

We recently told you about the Plantronics RIG 500 Pro which had managed to offer a rather convincing analog headset, in particular with its use of Dolby Atmos. Here, a DTS Headphone X 2.0 certification is offered, with very correct and complete spatialization. We had the opportunity to test the headphones in cinema condition.

The Windows Netflix and OCS applications make it possible in particular to be able to see on your PC a good part of their catalog in 5.1 and some titles in Atmos which allows to be able to have a rather complete first overview of the capabilities of the headset, even with a different certification.

After seeing Jeff Tremaine’s The Dirt , we decided to throw our ear to one of the more recently released and most impressive sound- wise movies. Blade Runner 2049 by Dennis Villeneuve. The observation is clear, the whole 3D spatialization part works wonderfully! The bass is quite deep, and you really feel all the sound design done.

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Manual Guide

Manual Guide Pdf : File Here


Logitech G HUB Software lets you customize Logitech G gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and other devices

LG Hub version  2021.3.5164 : File Here (40,2  Mb)


The result works very well, with a nice balance. The strength of the headphones is this possibility, moreover, in the software of being able to adjust the equalization of the headphones fairly precisely, making it possible to resolve here the concerns that we may have on certain films and games.

To confirm our opinion, we decided to launch the headset for large gaming sessions. The conclusion is clear: the headset is a real success. On some parts of Overwatch or Sekiro, we find ourselves hearing in a fairly precise way all the movements, the position of the enemies and their proximity to us.

It is therefore a helmet that can be very useful especially in a multiplayer context to refine your skills. Even in purely stereo use, the headphones manage to offer correct spatialization, with convincing sound reproduction. Regarding the microphone, we can see that it is of rather good quality.

Little background noise, and a rather clear rendering in the end. We will not go so far as to record a voice-over, in particular because of a sufficient frequency band, but not as open as a conventional recording microphone.