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Test Logitech G600 : many buttons does it help?

Logitech presents its special MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) mouse, the G600. Here no touch or wireless, but an 8200 dpi laser sensor and a total of 20 buttons including 12 that fall under the thumb.

Is this enough to make players of World of Warcraft and other blockbusters of the genre succumb ? Here are some answers

With its matt coating white in the version received for testing  the G600 displays a sober design. Big advantage of this coating, it does not sweat the palm, a significant point, especially during the hot summer months.

The grip is very pleasant although a longer length would have allowed to support the wrist instead of letting it rest on the desk. The skates deliver a very aerial glide, but they tend to “drop” a little black on the desk.

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Before going into the details of the various buttons, let us immediately point out that, due to its shape, the G600 only targets right handed people.

In addition to the traditional right and left buttons, the G600 includes 2 buttons above the wheel, 12 at the thumb and 1 at the ring finger. The non-disengageable wheel allows scrolling horizontally and vertically; or a total of 20 buttons that can be configured at will in the pilot.

The key placed under the ring finger offers a function that allows this already impressive number to be doubled, or almost.

Make easy with Easyshift at Rocat

Indeed, Logitech has implemented a function, very similar to that called Easyshift at Rocat , which allows several functions to be assigned simultaneously to a button. A bit like a key combination “Alt + a key” or “Shift + a key”.

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The wheel, for example, is basically configured for vertical scrolling. When you press the Selector button G and use the wheel, you can zoom in on the page.

We thus have the equivalent of 39 fully configurable buttons (action, or macro). Side grip, the use of the many buttons is somewhat complicated, even scary at first. During the first parts of the video game, the different keys located under the thumb are frequently confused; unless we take a break to see where our thumb is.

Our Opinion

After a week of use, the automatisms begin to set up and it is easy to correctly use the numbered keys from G9 to G14. The use of keys G15 to G20 is in our opinion less practical because you have to move your thumb back a little too much for it to be comfortable. With the Selector G key, this still leaves 12 easily accessible commands on that finger.

In addition to games, this mouse has proven to be very practical for activities such as image editing because it can configure a large number of shortcuts and macros.

Here again, it takes a little time to adapt to navigate; a bit like learning to write without looking at the keyboard; it seems complicated at first, and you end up doing it without thinking about it.

G600 of  Precision

With a frequency of 1000 Hz, the G600 is able to satisfy both standard uses (office automation, internet browsing, etc.) as well as those requiring precision (gamers, graphic designers, etc.). A mouse for gamers requires a sensor that can hold up to a movement speed of 3 meters per second. No problem for the G600!

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logitech m600

Indeed, this mouse gives its position to the computer every millisecond. However, it is necessary to have a machine capable of handling the additional load that this imposes on the processor (between 30% and 40% depending on the type of movement).

When using a machine limited in terms of processor power (netbook , small low-power processor) it is better to lower the frequency to 500 Hz (in the driver) for more comfort.

Settings stored in the mouse

To avoid having to reconfigure everything each time the game is changed, the driver allows you to save three different profiles. The color of the keys below the thumb indicates the current profile. Another strong point, the mouse keeps all its settings internally.

When using the G600 on another PC, all you have to do is reinstall the driver to recover all of its settings.


  • Handling, ergonomics.
  • Excellent glide.
  • Complete software.
  • Sensor accuracy.
  • On the fly sensor resolution adjustment buttons.
  • “Selector G” (assignment of two functions on the same button).
  • User profile saved directly on the mouse (no need to redo all settings each time you change PC).
  • 190 cm wire.


  • Keys G15 to G20 (under the thumb) not very practical to use.
  • High CPU occupation in 1000 Hz mode.
  • Glides that sometimes leave small black marks on the desk.


In addition to being a fast and precise mouse, the Logitech G600 offers a most pleasant handling (if you are right-handed), a smooth glide, a complete pilot and a first-rate ergonomics. If the 20 buttons are not all very practical to use, the Selector G function allows you to assign two commands to those that are commonly used.

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